Hair Removal is now a breeze

Hair Remove is now a breeze and more effective now using IPL & Laser technologies.


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IPL or Intense Pulse Light Hair Removal

The IPL System works by flashing light into the deeper layers of the skin, heating the hair follicle and causing enough damage to destroy it. Light brown and blonde hairs need more treatments but with the various treatment heads available, most hair and skin types can now be treated effectively.

Laser Hair Removal and Vascular Treatments with Nd:YAG

The Clinical Nd:YA G Laser selectively targets hairs in the anagen phase and completely destroys the follicular structure, including its feeder vessels. This is the best up-to-date solution for Permanent Hair Reduction. Treats all skin colours including dark and all hair colours including some blondes. (Does not treat white hairs)

Before & After Hair Removal

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Hair Removal Treatment with Beauty Therapist at Beauty Thru Nature Alderly QLD


Hair Removal for Men, Mens Hair Removal


Hair Removal for Men, Neck area Hair Removal Treatment


Hair Removal Treatments for Women, Upper Lip Hair Removal


Hair Removal for Women Upper Lip


Hair Removal for Women Under Arm Treatment


Hair Removal for Women Under Arm Treatment at Beauty Clinic Alderly QLD


Specialised Hair Removal Treatments

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IMPORTANT! Avoid any Direct Sun exposure Before & After any Hair Removal Treatment!