Clinically Proven

At Beauty-Thru-Nature, our Clinical facials start with an intense consultation, covering all your concerns.


Experience Sensation

Experience a pleasant sensation of deep heat, not comparable to any other system, but similar to a very comfortable blanket, an infrared sauna or a warm bath.

Clinical Facials at Beauty Thru Nature

At Beauty Thru-Nature, facials are individualized to your primary concerns whether it is a skin concern or for sheer relaxation. Your Skin Therapist will go through a thorough skin consultation with you using a DermaScope prior to any facial treatment, therefore prescribing the treatment and products best suited to you, to achieve best results.

What happens to our bodies?

When we age, our basal metabolism slows down and our organic fluids begin to move slower. Amongst these, the most important is without doubt, the blood. When blood doesn\\\’t reach the destined tissues, cells don\\\’t receive the necessary nutrients and oxygen. Because the skin is the most external organ, the blood has more difficulty in reaching it. This is why the skin is the first organ to show the signs of aging.

What is a CEYA Machine?

The CEYA (Cap Energy Youth Activator)is a diathermic [electrically heat inducing] unit that produces a radio-frequency current that flows through our tissues, between an active and a passive plate, and plays an important role at an internal level by bringing the blood from the outside to the inside of the tissues.

Is it for everyone?

Most people will benefit from CEYA. However there are a few contradictions: Pacemaker, infection on the area, metallic implants in the area, malign tumors, menstruation or Chronic Illness. Beauty certainly does come from the inside. From the cells inside our bodies, from the oxygen and the nutritive elements that the blood carries. With CEYA treatments, we can continue to depend on our blood’s energizing abilities to continue to look our best, even as we get older.

Before & After Clinical Facial Treatment

Removing the signs of time or troubling scars are best approached with our Clinical Facials.







Specialised Clinical Facial Treatments

Clinical Facial Treatments are offered by Trained Clinical Therapists for optimum results!

IMPORTANT! Avoid any Direct Sun exposure Before & After any Clinical Treatment!