Have a body reshaping contest against a friend?

Whether you are looking at getting ahead of your friend or wishing to tone back those hard moving areas, our body reshaping treatments will fast track your goals!


Measurable Results

It does not need much Effort to fall in Love with Measure. What it requires is to apply it to specified size, then exercise, and Results will be fantastic.

Radio Frequency with CEYA

CEYA produces a radio-frequency current that flows through tissues, increasing circulatory flow to the area producing a warming of the skin, muscles, fatty & bone tissues. This allows a quicker interchange of nutrients between cells. Sick or unhealthy cells accept the radiofrequency current more readily & in greater amounts compared to healthy cells. Within a few seconds, toxins are removed from the area & tissues are regenerated & revitalized, receiving enough oxygen to function properly.

Body Shaping with Clinical Powershaper

The Clinical PowerShaper is a non-invasive treatment for fat reduction and for the removal of cellulite by breaking down the fat cells using multi-frequency ‘Cavitation’, a biological phenomenon that consists of the formation of pockets of imploding steam (bubbles). A course of weekly treatments is recommended for best results. For optimal health, weightloss and well-being include a Nutritional Cleansing System as part of your diet and lifestyle.

Some obvious Before & After Body Shaping results

Fast track your Health & Fitness Goals with our professional treatments.

Body Shaping Treatments
Body Shaping Before


Body Shaping After


Intense Body Shaping Treatments

Body Shaping Treatments tailored to your budget and desires.

IMPORTANT! Avoid any Direct Sun exposure Before & After any Body Shaping Treatment!