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Salicin in Clinical Naturaceuticals October Specials

There are so many factors that contribute to making our skin look older. From wrinkles to hyper-pigmentation, lack of firmness to poor texture, and enlarged pores to dryness, the signs of aging takes on so many different forms it can feel overwhelming to keep up. But researchers recently found that one nutrient is particularly good at addressing all of these factors. It’s called Salicin, and it comes from white willow bark.

White willow bark naturally contains salicylic acid, which you’ve likely heard of as a skin care ingredient before, as it helps in cell turnover and exfoliation. It’s a common ingredient in acne-treatment products as well. Salicin is a similar extract, and recent studies have found that it has anti-inflammatory properties when taken orally. So a group of researchers wanted to find out if it also could help the skin when applied topically.

The researchers enlisted 30 female participants between the ages of 35 and 70 who had mild to moderate signs of aging. They applied a serum with 0.5% Salicin to their faces twice a day for 12 weeks. Before the study started, the participants’ facial skin was graded on a nine-point scale for the following categories: facial fine lines, mottled pigmentation, uneven skin tone, tactile roughness, global firmness appearance, jaw-line contour, radiance, and overall appearance.

Impressive Results

After just one week of using the serum, the researchers found a statistically significant improvement in the women’s wrinkles, tactile roughness, pore size, radiance, and overall appearance. After four weeks, there were statistically significant improvements in mottled pigmentation, global firmness, and jaw-line contour. By week 12, the women showed significant improvements in every single category based on cutometry, corneometry, and ultrasound measurements.

These are very impressive results! You can find white Willow Bark or Salicylic Acid in Acne-Deep-pore Creme & Zesty Cellular Repair Night Creme. This will allow you to tackle all of these signs of aging without searching for different products from different sources. All the ingredients you need are right here in the Clinical Naturaceutical skincare range!

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