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Vascular Treatment

What is telangiectasia?

Telangiectasia or broken capillaries are vascular skin lesions that represent skin blemishes and are often the symptoms of multiple pathologies. Whether hereditary or acquired they are mainly located on the face and legs and can be present at any age both in males and females.

What causes them?

Oxygenated blood flows from the heart to the extremities via the arteries and de-oxygenated blood flows back to the heart via the veins with the help of one-way valves. Whenever these valves fail to function properly, the blood does not flow in an efficacious manner and as a result the veins which are now congested with blood begin to dilate. These dilated veins are commonly known as Varicose Veins or Telangiectasia. Both photo-ageing and physiological ageing may cause the dilation of small blood vessels and is also often seen in association with Rosacea, or during/after pregnancy.

Laser Vascular Treatment

An Nd:YAG long pulse laser is used to coagulate the blood and dry up the superficial veins until they collapse. They can form scabs that will peel off in 2 to 3 weeks, removing all traces of their existence in the area. Compression bandaging may be used in the area after treatment to help collapse the veins. Avoid any vigorous exercise after a treatment for 2 days for best results. More than one treatment may be required depending upon the vascular lesion.

Clinical Skin Clear Vascular Treatment

The Clinical Skin Clear platform may be used on small vessels especially on the face. The Clinical Skin Clear works non-invasively by using radio and high frequency technologies combined to vapourise the lesion.This treatment is very quick and does not pierce the skin’s surface or harm surrounding tissues so there is no burning or scarring . Small scabs may form after the treatment which will fall off naturally in 1-2 weeks. More than one treatment may be necessary depending upon the vascular lesion. 

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Vascular Treatment

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