Payment Options

Beauty-Thru-Nature Skin & Laser Clinic utilizes the secure payment gateway of Paypal to ensure that your payment details remain hidden and only the agreed authorised amount is charged. The Paypal payment gateway facilitates the following payment types: Visa, Mastercard and American Express.


Beauty-Thru-Nature Skin & Laser Clinic endeavours to ship products ordered via our online store within 48 hours of payment confirmation. Payments are confirmed Monday to Friday (Public Holidays excluded) and between business hours of 9am to 5pm. Beauty-Thru-Nature Skin & Laser Clinic does not accept responsibility for goods lost or damaged in transit.

Transit times vary according to distance and time of the year, so please allow up to 10 days for your order to arrive. We currently ship nationally to all Australian states and those postcodes serviced by Australia Post.

View Product Shipping Sizes

PackagingSizeLenght (cm)Width (cm)Height (cm)Weight (kg)
Bio-Lean Jar (Small)90 Capsules7710.40.121
Bio-Lean Jar (Large)500g10.410.4200.700
Bottle Large (Widened)250ml66.415.30.282
Bottle Medium (Pump)125ml45.5150.146
Bottle Large (Squared)30ml3.73.7160.122
Bottle Small (Squared)15ml3.73.711.50.076
Collagen Sticks Box (Large)30 Sticks8.5814.40.500
Collagen Tablets Box (Small)120 Tablets5.25.290.060
Jar Large (Round)150g9.
Jar Small (Round)15g5.
Jar Large (Squared)50g6.
Jar Medium (Squared)30g664.50.111
Jar Small (Squared)15g5.
Serum bottle (Large)30ml3.43.4110.090
Serum bottle (Small)15ml339.50.056
Treatment Kit (Box Ext.)Product Kit18.2207.80.555
Treatment Kit (Box)Product Kit18.215.56.2Approx. 0.555
Tube Large100ml6.5415.7Approx. 0.400
Tube Medium (Box)50ml4411.50.070
Tube Small (Box)30ml3.53.511.20.050
Cupron (Large)All 3 Cupron items24.51640.286
Cupron (Medium)1 x Cosmetic Pillowcase23162.50.212
Cupron (Small)1 x Cupron Hand Gloves2217.50.50.045
Cupron (Mini)1 x Cupron Eye Shades20.510.50.50.026
Facial Brush (Large)1 x Brush15.543.50.040
Facial Brush (Small)1 x Brush9.


Any order reshipped due to being refused or undeliverable the first time will have the original freight charge added to the amount due.

Purchase Of Goods Online

For online order enquiries please call 07 3356 1733.

Orders will be dispatched after the Credit card (CC) details have been processed and approved.

Return Of Goods

Refunds or replacements will only be made on faulty goods and Beauty-Thru-Nature Skin & Laser Clinic should be notified in writing upon receipt of such goods.

Refunds For Online Purchases

If a refund is applicable we will advise you via email and once we’ve received and processed the returned item. You will receive a refund in the same manner of payment originally used for purchase within 7 to 14 business days of our receiving your return. If your return is not due to our error, we will deduct the shipping costs from your refund. The above terms and conditions are an integral part of every sale. Beauty-Thru-Nature Skin & Laser Clinic reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of sale at any time, without prior notice.


Beauty-Thru-Nature Skin & Laser Clinic reserves the right to change pricing without notification.